April 25, 2019

Rise & Grind With Supreme Performance

A double shot in 4 seconds

The perfect coffee grinder is probably the most important key of your coffee setup: perfect grind makes for the perfect coffee. Therefore, it is important to get the grinder to suit your barista and equal your espresso machines’ production capabilities.

From the fifteenth century invention of the first spice grinder, which was also used for grinding the coffee, and the addition of ground coffee receiving draw in the eighteenth century, coffee grinders have undergone many changes and improvements. During the subsequent decades, many patents were granted for improved versions of the coffee mill to inventors across the world, with manufacturers producing coffee mills of several types which include: canisters, box or lap, upright and even wall post or side mounted coffee mills.

Today you can find almost any shape or size of electronic coffee grinder for your exact needs. Liquid International (LI), is here to offer you exactly that with our range of coffee grinders. Whether you are operating on a small office/ home scale, or from a coffee shop or restaurant, we’ll go out of our way to find the perfect companion for your coffee equipment needs.



REMIDAG grinders, manufactured in Italy, are strong and compact coffee grinders with 64mm spring mounted flat burrs. Its aluminium and steel body and the powerful engine make it a reliable and indestructible work companion.

The ‘on-demand’ system of MST-64PE and EV models grind only the coffee dose required and preserve unchanged all the organoleptic qualities contained in a roasted coffee bean. With a super-fast EV model speed (of 2 seconds for a single dose to 4 seconds for a double) this grinder will never let you down in those hours of need when the queue is what seems to be never-ending.



Finally, thanks to the continuous micrometric adjustment system, the MST- 64P range ensures unmatched homogeneity of the grind for every single and double dose.

Liquid International stocks of grinder cleaning products and spare parts for most models in the industry.