August 28, 2019

SCANBOX – the first choice among the best culinary chefs in the world!

Chefs with Scanbox

ScanBox supplies ‘hot and cold transportation and holding solutions’ for a variety of commercial kitchens including a star-rated Michelin restaurant, hotel establishments, catering companies, hospitals or even airline catering companies around the world.

ScanBox Banqueting and catering carts have been manufactured in Sweden for the last 25 years. The company adhere to the highest standards using the latest Scandinavian technology for the production of holding and transportation carts. The units are built around the needs of the busy chef whose main aim is to be efficient in the kitchen and most important of all, is to deliver quality food at the right temperature every time.   The focus on ergonomics, safety, heavy duty operations and ease of operation is unrivaled.

ScanBox is the perfect robust and yet lightweight unit for transporting food products, whether hot, cold or ambient. The product is designed around a flexible and modular concept. This allows for a wide product line, beyond what is found in the market at present.  Theunits are up to 50% lighter in weight than any other commercial hot-box in our industry which are generally made of heavy steel material.  The design is aimed at producing a versatile and lightweight product range using two strong components – anodized aluminum on the inside and plastic laminate reinforced by excellent impact-resistance fiberglass material on the outside. ScanBox units are therefore easy to transport and maneuver in any indoor or outdoor situation.  

The units work on a ‘single-phase’ electrical connection, which means the units can be used in remote areas with ease. In addition, the 30mm insulation holds the temperature, without the need for electricity, for up to 5 hours. 

ScanBox have paid attention to the exterior aesthetic of their product which comes in various color options. Logos and special designs can be added.

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