April 13, 2022

Snacking and sharing: how consumer food culture has changed

After 750 days, South Africa has declared an end to the national state of disaster put in place to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. And as we all emerge from our safety bubbles, it is clear that many things have changed, including consumer food culture. 

Informal, “in the moment” shared social snacking experiences seem to be taking priority in the appetiser category. Stepping out these days is more about enjoying drinks and delicious snacks with friends or a smaller group enjoying a relaxed meal by sharing starters and platters.

These days, restaurant patrons want more than the location of the eatery to give them an amazing, “feel good” dining experience – they also need to have amazing and interesting menu offerings available, and the price needs to be right too.

Leftover from the lockdown era, ordering in and eating delicious food in the comfort of your own home has become part of the new normal but with so many options available consumers have become pickier, wanting high quality, shareable food that looks good and with all the convenience of arriving at their doorstep within minutes.

In answer to the latest consumer demands in the dine-in, takeaways and at-home consumption spaces, McCains FoodService Solutions have launched their all-new P!CKERS range of appetisers aimed at adding variety and interest.

These incredibly versatile, quick-to-prepare products require no special training or equipment, it’s simply a highly profitable freezer-to-fryer solution made from authentic ingredients and with an exclusive taste profile.

The P!CKERS range is far from your average starters and sharers. Products on offer include crispy tomato risotto balls with a mozzarella heart; breaded Camembert cheese bites; and green Jalapeño pepper halves, filled with cream cheese and coated in a crispy breading.

The benefits for restaurants and eateries include:

  • Premium products designed to match your restaurant’s style and attract new guests.
  • Highly profitable, new and easy-to-prepare menu ideas with a quick turnaround time.
  • Can be used as a starter, side dish, sharing plate or meal builder
  • Quality products that are quick to prepare from frozen, offering easy-to-control portions – in other words, a fantastic profit generator.
  • Thanks to their signature fresh crispiness each time, ride the exploding home delivery wave with confidence.

McCains P!CKERS range makes it easy to take advantage of our changed consumer food culture and the new normal quickly and without special training or equipment.

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