May 6, 2024

South African Chardonnay places top 10 at International Chardonnay Awards

Glen Carlou Chardonnay was the only South African wine to achieve a Top 10 placement alongside a host of respected international estates at the prestigious Chardonnay du Monde® wine competition held in Burgundy. As one of the first producers of Chardonnay in South Africa in 1988, Glen Carlou boasts both the climate and soils perfect for specialist production of this exciting cultivar.

The 31st annual Chardonnay du Monde® competition, translated as meaning ‘Chardonnay of the World’, aims to recognise the world’s best Chardonnay wines, with 200 international expert judges tasting over 570 wines, submitted by producers from 33 countries.

Glen Carlou Winemaker Johnnie Calitz says that the win is vindication of the estate’s position as a world-class Chardonnay producer. “We’re delighted to be recognised as the sole representative from South Africa in the top 10 of the competition, which speaks to our dedication to crafting fine wines that stand comfortably alongside those produced by other well-regarded international estates.”

Situated in the Simonsberg-Paarl region, Glen Carlou has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to producing award-winning Chardonnay for more than 35 years. Calitz says that many of the flavours commonly associated with Glen Carlou Chardonnay are derived from the terroir and micro-climates around the region, and a little magic in the cellar.

Calitz and his team utilise oak barrels treated with the water-bending® method, preparing the oak for toasting in a manner that yields a smoother mouthfeel. “This unique method works to enhance the oak’s properties, allowing for a gentler interaction between the wine and the barrel during aging. This process helps to soften tannins and impart subtle flavours, contributing to a more velvety texture on the palate,” says Calitz.

Chardonnay du Monde® has progressively distinguished itself from other international competitions thanks to much stricter quality standards, and by remaining faithful to its founding principles, which has driven its success over the years.

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