January 29, 2024

South African Culinary Star Embarks on Global Journey at Young Chef Olympiad 2024

The upcoming Young Chef Olympiad 2024, scheduled to take place in India on January 29, 2024. This culinary competition has grown to be a remarkable global event, with participation from over 60 countries. The esteemed panel will consist of 25 international judges, ensuring a diverse and discerning evaluation of the contestants’ culinary prowess.

The genesis of this prestigious event dates back to 2015, initiated by the visionary leadership of Dr. Suborno Bose. Serving as the Chairman of YCO Global Council, Co-chairman and CEO of the International Hospitality Council, and Founder and Chief Mentor of Indismart Group YCO, Dr. Bose envisions a world united through the universal language of food.

The Young Chef Olympiad is not merely a competition; it is a platform where culinary talents from across the globe converge, fostering cultural exchange and camaraderie. As we approach this prestigious event, let us anticipate a culinary spectacle that transcends boundaries and embodies the spirit of global unity through the art of gastronomy.

Representing our nation this year is Prue Leith Student Lukhanyo Manona. She will be departing for India on the 28th of January to compete in the competition. After being selected through trials at the Prue Leith Institute and weeks of rigorous training and honing of her skills, she will not only represent the prestigious Prue Leith Institute but the whole of South Africa. We wish her well and look forward to receiving updates from her mentor, Chef Adele Stiehler van der Westhuizen, managing director of Prue Leith.