April 7, 2022

South African lamb and mutton: It’s all about personal taste

Contrary to popular belief, the South African meat classification system is not an indication of quality but rather a tool to help you pick the right meat for your taste and preferences.

South African lamb and mutton meat is proof of how nature works over time to produce a unique product. Lamb and mutton meat from different parts of the country tastes differently due to the fact that the majority of South African sheep graze freely on their surrounding natural pastures. This also means that the longer sheep are exposed to a certain natural environment, the more prominent the taste of the meat!

The infographic below will help you understand the calssificaton on carcass roller marks:

In a class of it own:

The South African classification system doesn’t class meat from “best to worst” quality but it rather indicates the “age” and “fatness” level increases. In some cases the meat can get a bit tougher as the age classification increases, which just calls for different cooking methods to get a tender product.

Therefore, the South African classification system assists consumers in matching their taste and cooking preferences with the right class of meat.

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Supported by the Red Meat Industry of South Africa