December 15, 2021

South Africans love their fries

Everybody agrees that the potato is the king of vegetables, and particularly in South Africa we love potatoes because they give us our favourite side dish: fries! 

At many restaurants or takeaways, a meal is expectedly served with a side of chips.  With many variations to prepare fried chips whether as slap chips, french fries, hand cut chips, loaded chips, coated chips; you would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy their hot, deep-fried, salty, and crispy goodness.  In fact, research shows that it’s the first item nabbed from a plate or takeaway packet before one starts digging in. 

What makes fries irresistible is when they are cooked just right; right temperature, right seasoning, great taste and most certainly no unpleasant odours.  That, of course, all starts with good quality frying oil that can handle high deep frying heat, has a high smoke point, anti-foaming during frying and does not impart unpleasant odours on the food.

If you want to ensure that you give your customers a good experience every single time they bite into their first chip, you need to start with using the right quality deep frying oil.

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