July 14, 2022

Spread the love with Mastercraft White Creaming Margarine

In the month of July, Sime Darby Oils is encouraging bakers to put a cupcake smile on the face of
their patrons in commemorating Nelson Mandela Day.

Sime Darby Oils offers a wide range of vegetable based, fully refined and deodorized fats for the
production of bakery and confectionery goods. Mastercraft White is a creaming margarine for the superior butter cream icing.

Use Mastercraft white Margarine for your cupcake icing and it will give you more butter cream volume and better stability than other white margarines.

We’ve developed a simple test to show you the superior creaming properties for our Mastercraft
White Margarine. Using the recipe below, make up two buttercreams using Mastercraft White in one and a competing product in the other.

• Mix together 500 g white margarine and 500 g icing sugar on medium speed for 15 minutes.
• Take two containers of equal volume. Fill one with the Mastercraft White buttercream and the
other with the competing product.
• Weigh each container.
• You will find that the container holding the Mastercraft White buttercream weighs 25% less than
the competing product which means that Mastercraft White incorporated more air during the
whipping to yield a greater volume of buttercream.

Using Mastercraft White means you use less product, resulting in cost savings for you.
Sime Darby Oils markets three Mastercraft variants- Mastercraft Yellow, Mastercraft White and
Mastercraft White Industrial. All three are vegetable based, fully refined and deodorized fats that have been developed for specific baking and culinary purposes.