August 10, 2021

Take your Catering to the NEXT LEVEL with Parmalat

Parmalat’s award-winning full cream SLICE-ON-SLICE Cheddar goes beyond taste and caters to convenience in a chef’s busy kitchen. Rochelle McCarthy, Product Manager Marketing HO at Lactalis SA, tells us how.

A chef’s life is a challenging one that ranges from the proper management of a kitchen, to staff turnover, food waste and even staying organised despite the bustle. Long hours an integral part of this hard yet oh-so-rewarding career. A successful business often seems to mean even longer working hours.

Work Smarter, Save Time

In many cases, it’s important to find ways to work smarter rather than longer. This can be done by pre-empting scenarios like extra setup or cleaning time and implementing best practices to prevent these challenging circumstances from happening. 

This is where Parmalat can help. Their versatile SLICE-ON-SLICE cheese allows for easy application with no need to remove any individual wrapping. “This saves chefs both time and speeds up efficiency and convenience in the preparation area,” Rochelle McCarthy, Product Manager Marketing HO at Lactalis, explains. And, as an added bonus your business will be ever so slightly more environmentally friendly too without the extra wrappings.

Great Flavour and Taste

The Parmalat Cheddar full cream SLICE-ON-SLICE is not just designed to save some prep time in the kitchen. It also has good melting properties and that his means that you can use it on top of a steaming hamburger, in a deliciously cheesy sauce, or in cold dishes and fillings – or in a simple sandwich if that’s the order. The texture of the cheese is firm and it will not break easily when the individual slices are separated from each other.

The cheese is available in 9kg cases of 1kg cheese packages. There are 72 slices per package, each around 3mm thick and 76x76mm in size. This ensures the product is ideally suited to use in a variety of dishes.

“Parmalat is a modern and innovative brand providing quality dairy products,” McCarthy adds, affirming the company’s commitment to well-produced quality cheese. “Our mission is to increase the well-being of consumers throughout the world. We pride ourselves on producing the best tasting dairy products.”

With all of that in mind, it’s no wonder why this easy-to-use cheese slice is preferred in the hospitality and foodservice industry.

Find out more at or place your cheese order at your nearest food distributor.

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