December 11, 2020

UFS Academy: The App Every Chef Should Have!

Having the right skills in your team is critical, but it can become a costly addition to your budget. That’s why Unilever Food Solution’s Academy App is a must.

Created for Chefs by Chefs; if you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro, you and your team can take your skills in the kitchen to the next level. With hundreds of bite-sized video courses that everyone in your team will enjoy.

With the UFS Academy App’s affordable feature, Manage My Team, you can assign courses like Food Safety to up to 40 members of your team. Once you assign them a course, you can track their progress with detailed reports – allowing you to ensure that they are learning skills that you need them to know and master. At the end of it, your staff will receive downloadable SACA-endorsed certificates that not only benefit you but also their personal career growth.

But where do you even begin with training your team? Let’s start with the basics that everyone in your kitchen should master – Food Safety. More than ever, food safety and hygiene are the key reasons why diners and customers choose your establishment. On the UFS Academy App, you can easily assign the Food Safety and Hygiene courses to your team and ensure that they complete these essential skills.

The courses don’t end there! On the UFS Academy App, there are courses for every skill level, with hundreds of learning paths that can teach you and your team everything from the Basics of Stocks to World Cuisines like Authentic Thai Food.

Are you ready to get your team learning? Unilever Food Solutions is offering 1-month free access* to the Manage My Teams feature. Get your team prepping for a better kitchen and career today!

The UFS Academy App is available to download on Google Play and the iStore!

* Only valid for a limited time and subject to change without prior notice.