April 2, 2019

The Cape Town Cannabis Expo

Prominent Experts Prepare to Share Valuable Insight

The Cannabis Expo in Cape Town is drawing near. In a few days, the Mother City plays host to the largest cannabis event on the African continent, set to take place at GrandWest from 4 – 7 April. Proudly presented by multinational healthcare group, Go Life International.

The Cannabis Expo has been cultivated to provide a perfect platform and opportunity for businesses and interested parties within the industry to connect. The expo will host more than 100 exhibitors showcasing a variety of cannabis-related products and services from all sectors in the industry including healthcare, medicinal, growing, harvesting and processing technologies, product retailers and innovators, legislation groups and government departments.

“We are really looking forward to bringing The Cannabis Expo to Cape Town, the expo is vast and has more than double in size since our inaugural event last year.”
Silas Howarth, Director of The Cannabis Expo

Business and educational opportunities within the expo are endless, in addition to the businesses represented at the event, the Cannabis Expo also has a convention stage and workshop hosting local and international experts from across the industry every half hour.

For a full list of speakers, visit the Cannabis Expo schedule.

Keynote speakers

Complete Cannabis Solutions – Cornel van der Watt and Christo Moller

For the past 28 years Cornel van der Watt, the Director of Complete Cannabis Solutions, has been cultivating cannabis locally and internationally.  He has tried and tested many products and after years of research and development has discovered the best machinery and products that help achieve optimum results.

In this presentation, Cornel van der Watt and Christo Moller will demo the latest technology and products that will ensure the ultimate success of any grow operation large or small.

Fields of Green for ALL – Myrtle Clarke

Fields of Green for ALL was established in 2013 as a non-profit company to deal with all obstacles surrounding the legal regulation of Cannabis in South Africa. As their name indicates, they work to ensure that all citizens share the benefits that Cannabis legalisation will bring. They provide guidance for individuals and communities who have been marginalised by their use, cultivation and trade in Cannabis.

In 2010 Myrtle and her partner were arrested in their home on charges of possession and dealing in Cannabis. They were so indignant at their treatment by the police that they sued 7 government departments on charges of enacting unlawful laws.

Hemporium – Tony Budden

Cannabis is certainly gaining popularity as a medicinal plant, but did you know that by using hemp products in your diet and in your home, on your body and as a sustainable resource for many of our needs, you can help prevent yourself from getting sick in the first place? Ask Tony.

Hemporium, manufacturers of South Africa’s largest range of hemp products since 1996, offer many solutions to help you live a greener, cleaner and healthier life while respecting the planet, including textiles, clothing, building materials, cosmetics and nutritional products.

Tony will be telling the industrial cannabis/hemp story and sharing his knowledge on this amazing plant that he has gained through more than 20 years with Hemporium.

BSD Cannabis – Ofer Segal

Mr. Segal is a graduate of the Tel Aviv University, an architect and a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Israeli Armed forces.  He runs a few cannabis start-ups and programs in the field of research, formulated cannabis products and formulation based medical device.

The presentation will cover:

  1. The evolution of cannabis research starting in the early 1960s
  2. The power that is driving the cannabis markets and its influence on research
  3. The future of medicine and cannabis research
  4. Shared IP and knowhow to bring better results

Irie CBD – Kevin Pearman

Kevin suffers from a terrible disease called “Ankylosis spodylitis” an autoimmune disease with high levels of inflammation and pain. Kevin will be talking about using Cannabis to help cope with the effects and pain in an autoimmune disease.

The Cannabis Expo has something for everyone, whether it be recreational, networking or entertainment, you are sure to find your solutions.

For ticket sales visit www.thecannabisexpo.co.za

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