May 17, 2022

The only Mayo you will need even if you are vegan!

An excellent replacement for your other creamy kitchen staple 

When you think about your grocery list each month it’s almost always that mayonnaise makes the list because it just makes food taste better! People sometimes complain that mayonnaise is boring and lacks flavour but they are missing the point of mayo – its not to be eaten out of the jar with a tablespoon – it’s a flavour enhancer and B-well has just the mayo for you! There is no denying that B-well mayo can be apart of a healthy diet which would aid those customers counting calories and those who prefer to add extra moistness and richness to their meal. Better yet, it’s Vegan!

There are many uses for mayonnaise, many of which have little to do with its appeal as a food. It can be used on sandwiches, as a base for dressings, as a dip, or even for various beauty treatments.

Perhaps one of its most common uses is as a seasoning for bread, along with tomato sauce and mustard. Many sandwich meats are very lean, which can enhance their flavour but not add to the overall “taste texture” of the sandwich. A thin layer of B-well’s mayonnaise spread on bread will provide moisture and a satisfying creamy feeling. Used as a condiment, B-well mayonnaises pair well with burgers, cold cuts and sandwiches. If you’re frying grilled cheese sandwiches why not add mayo on either side to get a great crispy brown base.

Mayonnaise is not normally vegan as one crucial ingredient is egg. However, B-well offers you an egg-free and dairy-free vegan mayonnaise that can be found at any grocery store nationwide. This unsung hero to many professional and home cooks is not only used as a condiment but, as an excellent replacement for another creamy staple; butter. If you’re frying grilled cheese sandwiches why not add mayo on either side to get a great crispy brown base. 

Besides a delicious condiment, mayo can be used to:

Make ranch dressing

What’s ranch dressing? Really, it’s little more than mayo, buttermilk, and whichever herbs you want. It’s devastatingly easy and well worth the (little) time it takes.

Make potato salad

Of course, if you’re dealing with potato salad leftovers, you’ll have to have made potato salad first—the old-fashioned kind, with mayonnaise, celery, hard-boiled eggs, and pickles. Here’s a good place to start.

Bake a cake

Chocolate mayonnaise cake is the oldest trick in the book, but there’s a reason it’s held on so long: the moisture the mayo lends the cake is unparalleled.

Put it on a turkey burger

You know what’s great on a turkey or veggie or blended burger? Mayonnaise. You know what else is? A mayonnaise-based sauce—such as you would find on a Big Mac.

Make devilled eggs

Another old classic that’s stuck around for a reason.

Give your meat a good crust

Egg helps breading stick to meat and fish, as everybody knows, but you know what else does? That’s right: mayonnaise.

Whether you’re the chef in your own kiosk or in a five-star hotel, remember B-well’s tasty mayo’s covers all your needs. So, forget about all your other mayo’s lined up on your kitchen shelf, trust in B-well.

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