July 30, 2019


An American War Veteran Omar Knedlik invented the first slush machine in 1958. After World War II Omar bought the Dairy Queen Ice-cream Shop in Coffeyville – Kansas, USA and when his soda fountain broke down he started putting his sodas in the freezer to stay cool and it caused them to become slushy, and the result was very popular with the customers of the establishment, and thus his invention idea came to the forefront.

The ICEE Machine was invented and Knedlik partnered with John E Mitchell Company in Dallas to develop the machine and thereafter Knedlik received a Patent in 1960. After 5 years Knedlik’s idea became the iconic ICEE Machine and drawing the attention of 7-Eleven and by the mid-1960s 300 ICEE, Machines had been manufactured.

For 20 years Liquid International has attended the International Trade Fair “HOST” in Milano.  The event is hosted every second year and in 2015 Liquid International noticed the quality performance of “CABS” Brand Slush Machines, and after doing research about the brand and the study of the Southern African markets’ needs for a strong reliable machine, Liquid International decided to import the first batch of “FABY SKYLINE” double barrel slush machines in 2017. Having great success and growth Liquid International added to the family the “CARESS” machines, and the first units arrived in early 2019 showing strong promise to become the next star.


“FABY SKYLINE” is a multifunction slush machine that can produce and dispense products such as slush, cream, yogurt, sherbets and alcohol-based products.

  • Electromechanical system which makes the machine reliable at any temperature
  • Best air circulation in the category thanks to innovative design
  • Patented LED lighting system that highlights the product and illuminates the cover
  • The presence of a transparent panel allows the insertion and replacement of the custom artwork.
  • Quick refill of tanks due to the absence of electric wires in the cover
  • Protection of the switches through the side door
  • Night-mode operation which allows storage of the product with very low energy consumption
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain
  • Opportunity for aesthetic and technical customization


“CARESS” is a machine with a patented vertical movement system that allows the production and dispensing of products like slush, cream, yogurt, sherbets and cold desserts. The vertical stirrer allows perfect homogeneity of the product without foaming. Compact dimensions and low power consumption make “CARESS” a unique machine in its category.

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