November 16, 2020

The RumBro and Buddies Launch New Spiced A-Rum in SA Market

A maverick, A bar owner and two buddies who own and run a distillery launch a new and exciting Spiced Rum into the South African market.

Andy Kiloh, The RumBro and former Rum Ambassador for Mhoba Rum, Pussers Rum and RumBar Rum in Southern Africa and Peter Good, Owner/operator at Smoking Kills Bar and previously with Mootee Bar have teamed up with Craft Link Distillery, represented by Albert van Wyk and Pieter Carter, to bring you a unique Spiced Rum aimed initially at the on-consumption trade. The guys and girls who know how to make and pour drinks need access to an affordable and Authentic Rum with a spice aimed at the South African palette. They have also brought bartender expertise into the company with Peter Good.

Andy Kiloh says “We believe the market is ripe for a straight-talking Authentic Rum. We want to bring something new to the category and the industry bringing the same levels of craft and creativity to Rum that is seen in Gin. We believe that we are the right team to take on that challenge.”

Peter Good adds “A-Rum is inspired by the community where it’s crafted and we’re working to support independent on-consumption businesses with a cost-effective Authentic Rum and give something back to the community.”

A-Rum will be available to on-consumption customers from The Authentic Alcohol Company (Pty) Ltd. Based initially in Gauteng, we will be looking at the rest of Southern Africa within a few weeks.