November 23, 2022


TikTokker, foodie, and now Come Dine With Me South Africa contestant are only a few highlights on Tasneem Waggie’s impressive media resume. The TikTok star, 32,  who currently boasts over 100 000 followers, has recently been cast as a contestant on the popular BBC Lifestyle (DStv channel 174) show Come Dine With Me South Africa. 

Speaking of her casting on the show, Waggie says that her decision to enter was an impromptu one, done on a whim as suggested by one of her loyal TikTok followers. “I’ve always been a lover of Come Dine With Me, and I always pictured myself competing on the show, so when one of my followers sent me a link to apply I took my chance,” says Waggie. 

Even though the decision was made on a whim, Waggie is confident of her ability to wow the other contestants with her Cape Malay-style food, admitting that she is a competitive individual and a proud home cook, having grown up in a food-centric household.

“I’ve always loved food because it was the center of every family gathering that we had while I was growing up,” she says. 

Waggie’s day-to-day job involves strategising and coordinating food and grocery delivery services, however, her real passion is sharing her love of cooking online as a food TikTokker. 

“We eat with our eyes first, that is why Tiktok is such a great platform for foodies, and they have made it possible for foodies to engage with audiences on a personal level while teaching a skill,” she says. 

With over 100 000 followers and counting, this appearance on the massively popular show will certainly boost Waggie’s following on TikTok, which is something she looks forward to. 

“Competing on Come Dine With Me will definitely boost my following even more and showcase my skills in the kitchen. Who knows, I might enter Masterchef next!” she says.

This is Come Dine With Me South Africa’s eighth season, and the episode in question will be premiering tonight (Wednesday, 23 November) at 8pm on BBC Lifestyle (DStv Channel 174), so be sure to tune in to see how Waggie fairs!