April 20, 2020

Tshwane Tourism Association Calls for Restaurant Sector Representation

It is a disastrous time for many. South African restaurants must form a united front, be part of this unity by filling in the survey in the link below.

It is time to band together, under an officially constituted and recognised umbrella association, to share our questions, concerns and solutions with national government, and invite a response on issues affecting our industry.

The Tshwane Tourism Association* (TTA) have mobilised our infrastructure to become the first non profit body representing the restaurant sector in South Africa and we are prepared to:

take your concerns to national government and receive a response;
address the concerns of the broader restaurant industry in response to the national lockdown, the related regulations and government relief funds, and the process of re-opening after restrictions are lifted.
We ask no membership fee, only that you complete the form