June 14, 2022

Turning Market Trends into Income Opportunities

As a savvy restauranteur, you will have noticed a unique consumer trend emerging: the way they eat is changing and evolving. With informal, “in the moment” eating becoming more popular; the demand for new and adventurous food is stronger than ever before. 

Consumers are looking to connect socially while sharing delicious meal experiences across a variety of occasions, which presents an opportunity worth tapping into. As a business owner, having to always strategize and creatively avoid menu fatigue is often stressful and time consuming – or is it, really? 

As business owners, we’re all considering our best revenue-boosting options – a component McCain was keen to explore. If you are still wondering whether appetisers, sharables, & snackables are relevant and worth adding to your menu, consider these insightful facts from extensive market research conducted by Kantar:

  • Our SA food market is valued at R62 billion
  • Appetisers make up 19% of the typical food bill
  • 92% of identified appetiser occasions occur out-of-home
  • 73% of South Africans are looking for new experiences and sensations that liven up their everyday activities
  • 61% Of South Africans seek experiences that can be easily shared with others

Appetisers and shareable meals are an opportunity to increase the average bill spend and time spent in restaurants. But as great as these opportunities are; the realities of adding to the load of managing a versatile food pantry, back of house operation and serving speed to table can cause hesitancy to introduce new products to the restaurant.  

By leveraging on their reputation for convenient freezer-to-fryer potato products and industry expertise, McCain has successfully managed to help overcome these hesitancies with the introduction of P!CKERS – an all-new freezer-to-fryer appetiser range made with authentic ingredients for a unique and memorable taste experience. 

Easily-preparable and with no special ingredients, equipment or additional training necessary; you are able to have a piping hot, delicious portion ready to serve in less than five minutes – but more importantly, these P!CKERS products represent a new revenue opportunity through being highly versatile. This means they can be served as snacks, sides, sharers and even builders & toppers; affording endless opportunities to rejuvenate your menu items and offerings to your customers.

With P!CKERS Camembert Bites, Tomato Mozza Melters and Jalapeño Poppers, this range is the panacea we’ve all been waiting for. 

Pick up your bottom line, while keeping your menus live and turning good food into great times!