September 6, 2021

Vinette Wines: Setting The Standard On An International Level

Vinette is part of the canned wine category – one of the largest growth areas for alcoholic beverages worldwide. This local South African brand has gained global popularity over the course of the last few years and has recently received several reputable awards for its quality. The brand received awards at both the International Canned Wine Competition as well as the USA Wine Ratings.

The increasingly popular wine brand was founded upon an inspiring character: an African elephant named Benny. This savvy animal represents the indomitable spirit of Africa and its people – the doers, the champions, and the innovators. In light of this philosophy, Vinette aspires to bring people together to foster strong connections and enjoy special occasions.

International Canned Wine Competition

The International Canned Wine Competition is an annual contest that aims to identify the best brands within the canned beverage market. Each year a judging panel of industry professionals consider canned beverages from around the world. The Vinette Chardonnay, known for its fine balance and clean finish, received a coveted Gold Medal.

USA Wine Ratings

The USA Wine Ratings aims to set a new benchmark for wines that offer high quality and good value for money. Three of the brand’s products received awards at this contest: the Rosé received a Gold Award
(93 points), the Chenin Blanc received a Silver Award (with 89 points), and the Chardonnay received a Silver Award (with 87 points).

For Easy Living or Simplifying Takeaways

The product’s packaging offers the same flexibility and convenience that was previously enjoyed by avid beer, cider, and soda enthusiasts. In addition, the recyclability of the packaging offers an additional bonus,
as you’re able to enjoy this product with the added assurance that you are supporting the environment – one sip of wine at a time.

Vinette is available nationwide at Checkers, Checkers LiquorShop, as well as at selected SPAR outlets, and at many restaurants. The full range of products can also be purchased online through Visit for more updates and information about the range.

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