October 17, 2019

Western Cape tertiary students can apply for a GrandWest student bursary

GrandWest is appealing to Western Cape students studying Maths, Engineering, Accounting, Biotechnology, Statistics, Science, Medicine, Technical Skills, Hospitality, Chef and Tourism to apply for a GrandWest bursary for 2020. 

The GrandWest Bursary Fund, established in 2007, is earmarked for young people from communities who were previously excluded from all social economic developments, and who want to improve their livelihoods and communities. 

What makes GrandWest’s bursary fund different is that it does not only focus on academic results but also considers ‘sheer determination’, which is a student’s sheer will and determination to succeed despite life’s significant challenges.

“This means that the Bursary Fund does not only target high academic achievers,” says Genevieve Smith, Sustainability Manager at GrandWest. “If you have overcome challenges to get into tertiary education, you should apply for this bursary. We are able to support up to 40 students this year, depending on availability,” she says.

The bursary, which does not have to be paid back, provides financial assistance to tertiary students who matriculated in South Africa, are enrolled in fulltime studies, and who live and study in the Western Cape.

Successful student applicants can expect the Bursary Fund to cover 75% to 100% of their tuition fee, with no payback. There is also a textbook allowance, ongoing academic support and mentoring and a job market preparation workshop. “Students who received the bursary will also need to do 40 hours of community service,” says Smith. “This is another way we are giving back to the community.”

The process of selection is to submit an application form, this will be followed by a screening of applicants, shortlisting of candidates and then the final selection.

Apply by emailing your completed application to studywithgrandwest@suninternational.com.  Applicants can email that address to request an application form or call Genevieve Smith on 021 505 7594.  

GrandWest allocates 2% of its Net Profit After Tax (NPAT) to Community Development initiatives, for Socio Economic Development and Enterprise and Supplier Development. 

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