February 6, 2021

What Does it Take to Make it Marvellous?

Whether you’re baking, cooking, frying, creaming or saucing, put Marvello’s rich, buttery range to the test.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt in the business of creating ingredients for chefs and bakers, it’s that working in a professional kitchen is intense and challenging.

And if your kitchen doesn’t have the right ingredients to work with, it can be a recipe for disaster. You’re already dealing with hard work and tight deadlines. No wonder it’s a veritable pressure cooker out there.

So, each of the variants in our range have been specifically designed to excel, with a handful of applications in mind.

Take Marvello Multipurpose, for example. It’s our everyday hero. With a million and two uses. Elevating your skills when it comes to frying, baking and sauce-making. It has a creamy flavour and exceptional melting, aroma, coating and anti-splattering properties. Which means you can’t go wrong incorporating it into just about any dish you can think of.


And when you are looking to elevate your dish, there’s Marvello Butter Flavour. With a heat-activated buttery flavour, perfect for shallow frying, sautéing and sauce-making. Butter Flavour will give you five-star results without fail. You’ll appreciate its great saucing abilities, perfect shine, colour and richness.


And lastly, there’s Marvello Bake; a dream product when it comes to making delectable pastries and any other baking challenge the world might throw at you. It’s the Swiss-Army-Knife of cooking margarines, the crème de la crème. It has perfect snap, ideal for creaming, and adds a rich buttery flavour to your baked goods.


All in all, you’ll find Marvello proves itself consistently as the professional chef and baker’s choice. On par with butter, the perfect alternative, and at a more favourable price too. Turning any meal into a Marvellous one.

So, isn’t it time you roll up your sleeves, whip up something challenging, and put Marvello to the test?

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