December 12, 2023

Why Does a High Fat Percentage Matter in Baking?

The benefit of an 80% fat margarine is its versatility in the kitchen. With a high fat content, Marvello Bake delivers a creamy texture that enhances the flavour and mouthfeel of a wide range of applications, from flaky pastries, light and airy icings to velvety sauces. Its unique composition elevates the taste and texture of your favourite recipes.

The high fat percentage provides moisture and lightness to baked items ranging from cakes to croissants. It aids in a lighter crumb structure to sponges, a crispy snap to biscuits and enriches sauces.

In a demanding kitchen environment where quality, consistency and price are key factors Marvello Bake is the trusted brand for professionals.

Often an overlooked ingredient in the kitchen, Marvello Bake can change the ordinary into exceptional.

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