February 7, 2022

Why Mastercraft White is an excellent choice for buttercream icing

We all know that every celebration includes cake! A party without a cake is incomplete. The perfect icing on a cake adds flavour, taste and beauty.

Do you want to take your cake up a notch with a delicious buttercream icing?

Mastercraft White whips easily and is an excellent choice for buttercream-type icing.

Mastercraft White, a product of Sime Darby Oils, is a premium creaming margarine containing whey and specialised emulsifiers. It can be used to manufacture quality biscuits, cakes, breads and pastries. 

Facts about MasterCraft White:

  • Perfect for butter icing as no white colouring is needed.
  • Whips up double in size
  • Has a creamy flavour
  • No artificial after taste
  • Halaal product
  • Better stability for butter cream piping
  • Contains vitamin A and D
  • Contains no antioxidants
  • Has Butter flavour
  • Has lower salt content

MasterCraft White is available in  10 & 25 kg and has a shelf life of 12 months.

For more information on MasterCraft Margarine, click https://www.simedarbyoils.co.za/Margarines.html