November 4, 2021

Why More Chefs Are Choosing B-well Chef Frying Oil For Their Kitchens

Just in time for the peak holiday season, you need an exceptional performing oil – that won’t fail you when the chips are down (pun intended).

B-well’s CHEF frying oil is specially formulated using a blend of corn and canola oil for extended frying life while boasting an array of other impressive benefits like being high in Omega-3 and GMO-free.

Designed for high-heat frying, B-well CHEF stands up to the heat thanks to its impressive levels of heart-healthy Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and performs in any style of cooking including frying, sautéing, roasting and baking of any kind. With a frying performance that exceeds expectation, B-well CHEF is quickly becoming a popular name in the food service industry.

B-well CHEF is specially formulated with locally-produced canola oil and is a globally preferred deep-frying oil and then blended with Corn oil – to give a perfect golden crisp result.

B-well Chef has 5 times less saturated fat than our competitors which makes it a healthier option for making typically unhealthy fried foods. Along with an excellent frying life, it also has a very high smoking point.

The versatility of B-well CHEF makes it your perfect partner in the kitchen. B-well CHEF is also Vegan-friendly, GMO-free, low in saturated fats with an excellent fatty-acid composition. B-well CHEF frying oil can be used for longer periods of time compared to that of our competitors. A study was done in our laboratory and in conclusion, B-well CHEF was used to fry potato chips and the same oil could be used for 11 days before any denaturing took place, proving the stability and longevity of our frying oil.

When choosing an oil to cook with it’s important to keep three things in mind; temperature, flavour, and price point. B-well CHEF is an excellent deep-frying oil as it delivers on taste, health, affordability and stability. Frying with B-well CHEF oil is admired as the food does not take on the taste of the oil. It stays neutral. B-well CHEF oil performs well at high temperatures, while others just can’t take the heat. Some oils don’t like any heat at all and lose their flavour completely or denature when hot but not B-well CHEF, as it contains antioxidants and antifoam additives which increase the oil’s stability and inevitably extends the frying life.

This high-end, specially formulated oil for a professional kitchen is available for direct sales at or contact Carien Raath (B-well Key Accounts Manager: Food Services Sector) on email:

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