September 8, 2022

Your Back of House Buddies

Brought to you by Unilever Food Solutions, these five products have got your back! They’re versatile, convenient and can be used in multiple cooking applications, making them the perfect staples for your pantry.

1. Knorr Professional Chicken Breading

  • Perfect for deep frying, grilling and roasting
  • Make your own wet batter in simple steps.
  • Perfect for that Southern fried dish.
  • No egg or milk wash needed.
  • Coat vegetarian dishes to perfection!
  • Vegan!

2. Knorr Professional Stock Granules

Knorr Professional Chicken Stock Granules are made with real chicken as well as Knorr Professional Beef Stock Granules are made with real beef.

  • Perfect for braising, grilling, deep frying and roasting
  • Perfect for stews, curries, savoury rice, stroganoffs, lasagne and use as a rub on your meat dishes.
  • Yield: makes 50 litres of stock.
  • Ready in 3-4 minutes.

3. Fine Food Fruit Chutney

  • Perfect for braising, grilling, deep-frying and roasting
  • Made with real peaches.
  • Classic chutney consistency.
  • Cost-effective without compromising quality

4. Knorr Professional Honey and Soy Sauce

  • Perfect for braising, grilling, deep-frying and roasting
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Sweet and savoury.
  • An all-rounder, use on proteins, vegetables, pastas, sauces.

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