June 22, 2022

Your Everyday Online Guide to Guest Success!

Guest 365 for Hotels & Conferencing

Unilever Food Solutions has a sauce for every guest with their everyday online guide to guest success for hotels and conferences. As business slowly starts to open up again, Unilever Food Solutions is aimed at helping businesses reach recovery with their versatile yet delicious brown sauces.

Restaurants, catering companies, hotels, you name it and Unilever Food Solutions has got the sauce to please every guests’ needs. Save on costs and time by comparing Unilever Food Solution’s brown sauces to making it from scratch.

Who wouldn’t want delicious flavour that you can whip up in no time?

As part of their motto ‘Support, Inspire, Progress’, Unilever Food Solutions is all about providing the food and hospitality industry with tools to success. Be a part of their Guest 365 online guide to guest success and gain access to a wide range of educational training, recipes, inspiration and so much more.

  • Hygiene

Learn how to keep your establishment clean and hygienic.

  • Sustainability

Reduce waste, increase profitability and be kinder to the planet.

  • Planning

Plan your menu with insight and advice.

  • Wellbeing

Keep your team physically and mentally healthy and motived.

  • Training

Learn from video tutorials focusing on techniques and recipes.

  • Occasions

Add a special touch with themed events and occasions.

  • Inspiration

Get fresh ideas, innovative recipes and global trends.

Visit Guest 365 on ufs.com!